Are Electric 3-Wheelers suited for Indian roads?

November 26, 2023

Bengaluru, India

India is a massive land - with no two cultures, landscapes, or roadways the same. While a beauty to behold, this fact also sets up certain unique challenges when it comes to day-to-day transportation. From bustling urban streets to remote rural areas, and with the ever-increasing need for connectivity, the demand for reliable mobility continues to grow.  

Today, people living in major cities can find inconveniences like traffic congestion, narrow streets, or erratic road conditions – while people living in rural areas see more of ‘kachchi’ (underdeveloped) roads, steep inclines, and uneven paths. To address all the criteria, and to produce an innovative and sustainable solution, we need to consider several factors, including the gradability of a vehicle, its performance, load-carrying capacity, etc. 

And so, the question arises, “Is there a 'one size fits all’ mobility solution?” 

The answer is an electrifying YES!  

The Challenge of Indian Roads 

The teeming roads of India are a testament to its growing population and urbanization. Traffic congestion, particularly in major cities, has become a daily ordeal for commuters. Moreover, the diverse topography of the country poses challenges for vehicles, especially in rural areas. Overcoming these hurdles while ensuring sustainability is a pressing need.

Greaves Electric 3-Wheelers: Built for Indian Roads

This is where electric 3-wheelers by Greaves Electric Mobility come in – a smarter, greener, more compact means of transportation. Made in India, designed in India, and tailored for India, backed by our 164-year legacy of engineering expertise, our range of mobility solutions are specially designed to be the perfect fit for Indian roadways. 

With the likes of our newest innovation, Greaves ELTRA, our electric 3-wheelers are increasingly gaining popularity and becoming the preferred choice for last-mile connectivity, addressing the dire need in urban areas.  

To go into further detail, Greaves ELTRA was designed to serve Everything EXTRA. 

EXTRA Performance 

With experience of Moving India for 164 years, we understand what businesses and drivers need most. This is why Greaves ELTRA comes equipped with a powerful 9.5 kW PMS Motor and a reliable range of 130+ KM per charge – so tackling any incline, decline, or bumpy road is never a hassle. A fast acceleration of 0 to 30 km/hr in just 6.4 seconds allows your business to make swift progress, literally and figuratively! 

EXTRA Earnings

How can an electric 3-wheeler guarantee extra profit, you ask? Well, with a certified gradeability of 12 degrees, a load-carrying capacity of ~530 KGs on any terrain, and fast charging with 0 – 100% battery in less than 5 hours, ELTRA ensures your business never has to face any unnecessary downtime whatsoever.  

EXTRA Technology

As we know, India is a massive country. Wouldn’t it be great if you could effortlessly GPS track your entire fleet in real-time through a mobile app, anytime, anywhere? That’s what we thought too, which is why we equipped Greaves ELTRA with an IoT-enabled Digital Cluster – so that every business owner can stay on top of their game and stay updated about their fleet’s current whereabouts.  

EXTRA Savings 

Not only do you help save the environment when you drive Greaves’ Electric 3-wheelers, but you also maximize the amount of money you save on each trip. With ELTRA, you can cover up to 100 KM in just ₹86. We even did the maths – when you drive ELTRA over a period of 5 years, you stand to save an additional ₹4 lakhs*, as compared to traditional ICE 3-wheelers.  

EXTRA Trust 

When it comes to choosing the right electric 3-wheeler, trust is always paramount. That’s why our electric 3-wheelers are manufactured by Greaves, a name that has earned its trust with constant innovation over the past 164 years. Furthermore, our pan-India service and spare parts network ensures that you’re never far away from any support and assistance you may need. No matter which path you choose, you can trust in the reliability of Greaves electric 3-wheelers and the strong support system behind it all.  


As you’re reading this, electric 3-wheelers are reshaping the landscape of urban mobility in India. We, at Greaves Mobility, strive to constantly create and innovate robust, reliable 2-wheeler & 3-wheeler solutions. Dedicated to democratising smart and sustainable solutions and prioritising customer satisfaction, we’re on a mission to set a new standard for mobility that drives us all towards a cleaner, greener future. 


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