Refund Policy

It inspires us to see that E-Mobility changemakers now have the option to book a vehicle at the click of an icon. Through our website's channel, we are allowing bookings at locations where we have our dealership presence. This enables us to provide superior and seamless consumer and brand experience through Sales, Service, Support and Consumer connect activities.

Though we would like to see that the consumer has to never use the cancellations policy, but in case of any such incident our policy would detail:

  • Booking cancellations: bookings cancelled by our user would immediately trigger the refund of the booking amount to the user by the respective dealer. The booking amount will be returned to the user within 6-7 working days.
  • Returns/cancellations: Once the product is delivered to the user by the respective dealer, returns / replacements / cancellations will not be accepted.
  • Failed Transactions: during the payment process will be handled by the support team of Razorpay.

The refunds policy is getting upgraded, please contact Ampere team for latest update.